Free Webinar: Secure and Insecure Love

This just in via Kimberly’s excellent blog and research work. Well, everything I’ve glanced over resonates with me. With one exception: Apparently, I immediately and effortlessly switched to a healthier way of bonding during all those times, I was a musician. I was somehow able to open up and make myself vulnerable and function like anyone else (or else, I would have encountered similar problems and results as I sadly had to experience in my career following my musician years). Plus, I filled in some gaps from mere observation. All of this falls apart in romantic relationships or any closer relationship, though, that goes beyond a friendship. Friendships work out alright. Romantic relationships ultimately all fell apart. So I’ve given up on the latter. More or less… 😉

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One thought on “Free Webinar: Secure and Insecure Love

  1. For another great example of someone coping with their CPTSD, try To Soften the Blow by Lynnie Vessels- it is an uplifting and amazing story!

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