Soundcheck – Too Much To Handle

Yesterday was too much to handle, this is, too. There is only so much input I can process at a given time. Trying to keep technology at bay while being relaxed enough to “enjoy” myself while performing – impossible. This is frustrating and I’m giving myself permission to relieve myself from that frustration from now on. I have really tried. Ain’t gonna happen. What’s more: I think, it’s always been some sort of overcompensating. Or let’s just say: It used to be a way of thinking I was “connected” with other human beings at the time. Maybe it was indeed the only place I felt connected with all the damage incurred in other areas of my personality. But that doesn’t seem to work any longer, much less so, when I’m by myself doing all of what you see and hear by myself, too. There is no point to it. And the people in that business – what would I want to be around them for? That’s not my habitat at all. Actually, nowhere is. Yuck. I’m tired.

Soundcheck – YouTube.


4 thoughts on “Soundcheck – Too Much To Handle

    • Thanks for your kind words there, Jean. The unforgiving perfectionist in me is not happy with this at all. What else was new…? 😉 But glad to hear, it started your day in a good way. That’s an important part of that whole idea 😉 – i.e. to give other people a good time! 😉

      • I doubt that the people who read your blog expect perfection, but I know you expect it. I just enjoyed it! I’m probably pretty typical. You are so good on the guitar! Wow! If you ever take requests, I’d love to hear you do “99 Luftbalonen” in German–of course.

      • *smile* Thanks, Jean! I’d have to comply with your request in a personal concert in locu, as posting a cover version of a previously released (popular) song would open the gates of (legal, useage rights related) hell on me… in other words: Publishing cover versions is inviting a bunch of greedy lawyers in, tearing the rest of me apart… (I do have ONE instrumental version of a song of the American Songbook up there, “My Funny Valentine”, which is as far as I dare to stretch my neck out of the window… just sayin’. It’s become a shark pit to end all shark pits, particularly on YouTube). But I appreciate your kind feedback! Yes, I’m looking for perfection and I’m aware that this is another ill-directed means of overcompensating low self esteem and latent self-loathing. In other words: I put the pressure on me of going for “outstanding” in order to justify my mere being here. But… I’ll hopefully get better in this regard, as well – thanks to the cowboy! 😀
        Have a great day!

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