Major Breakthrough with Health Insurance

Today could mark an important breakthrough in getting access to suitable therapy in about six years – or rather forever. I’ve had a very productive phone conversation with a very accommodating, kind lady at my health insurance company. She suggested to switch plans to one of the new products, which are on one hand more expensive, but will include outpatient psychotherapy. I’ve had another phone conversation with one of the doctors the clinic recommended. Pending a decision to work with her and upon my asking so, she alluded to a preliminary volume of 240 sessions – that seems to be the average amount of sessions she’s had with other clients. In other words: Given my current health insurance plan, there is no “workaround” for this situation.

So I’m beyond grateful to hear that the new products, which are comparable to my old plan, will include outpatient therapy. For more reasons than one, an inpatient setting simply isn’t an option for me. If anything, the throat surgery has reconfirmed my prior own assessment that I wouldn’t be able to make it through 6, 8 or more weeks of inpatient psychotherapy – not to mention that they wouldn’t cover this length of time and that several clinics had turned me down on account of these implications. In other words: I have been hitting walls left, right and center in the past years. And I have heard from non-affected former friends that they would have killed themselves for only a fragment of what I’ve been going through. I think, I should be o.k. to reward myself with my own imaginary “perseverance award” for having survived what I’ve survived in the past six years and seeing that the condition has brought about a situation of disability and incapacity to work in a normal setting.

It’s not a done deal yet. I’m going to have to rely on my perserverance to get the switch to the new plan seen through with social welfare (because they’ll be the ones to actually pay for it, there is no other option at this point). But from all the information I have, they technically can’t turn me down – not on a long term basis, though. I hope, this will go faster and easier than previous processes with them in that they’ll spare me going through all the stages of filing for something, getting turned down, objecting, getting turned down again and then having to press charges (which is what happened with just about anything I had to lean on so far… talk about learning frustration tolerance the hard way…).

Anyway. This is good news! It’s not only a silverlining – it’s almost a solar flare! More hope, in other words. And substantiated, specific hope for healing!

B.t.w. and @Jean: The doctor lady calling back today mentioned all the things you kindly suggested I look into. So that’s another aspect of the good news. After all, it looks as if my holding on for dear life seems to pay off in some way.
Thanks for all your kind support and ideas. A sense of direction and confidence is coming back.


6 thoughts on “Major Breakthrough with Health Insurance

  1. I am SO happy for you!! I hope and pray that this works out! If you don’t mind the prayers of an old Episcopalian lady in America who likes horses and steam tractors, I’ll redouble my time spent in prayer on your behalf. Thank you so much for letting us know about this development! I am so glad!! Mr. Natural has it right: Keep on truckin’! And ride ’em Cowboy!

      • Yep, and I know you will crush ’em good! I hope you are wearin’ your genuuuwine Dan Post boots or your Tony Lama boots. They stomp good! And a white Stetson with a silver feather in the band won’t hurt, either. ; ) Jean

      • LOL, Jean. I think, my stompin’ will have to happen without all this classy, stylish foot- and headwear, LOL. Some worn out half-calf high streetwear boots will have to do – and I gave the Stetson to someone who had eyeballed it for the longest time when moving. Upon handing it over, the silver feather came off and disappeared between boxes… 😉 LOL So, some added intent to make up for lack of style will have to do, I’m afraid 😉

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