Post Surgery Report

Since some of my Facebook friends asked, here’s a report of what went down last week. Thanks for the support and good thoughts, prayers and best wishes, I appreciate every single one of them!



just to fill those in who were curious about where I had been last week and what had happened: I underwent throat surgery, which was long overdue. About 12 years ago, an ENT doctor found a stone in one of my salivary glands, which had settled quite a ways in the back of one of the salivary ducts. He opted for the stone to come out by itsself, but that never happened. Over the years, that thing caused painful and disfiguring inflammations, which produced a full state of sickness including high temperatures and overall grogginess. I actually lost a major career related opportunity for an interview with Joyce Cooling at the 2010 Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg that our late friend Levon Mitchell had arranged for (not the interview per se, but Ms. Joyce Cooling’s appearance in the first place). To this day, I can hardly forgive myself for having…

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