First Signs of Consciousness – Waking Times : Waking Times

One technique I have been using in retrieving early ‘memories’ of potentially or probably most likely traumatizing nature was the use of self-induced trances, which I learnt how to induce from sessions with a hypnotherapist. At some point, specific imagery came to the forefront of my consciousness. You might say, I had ‘remembered’ scenes from my first weeks in a pediatric hospital, where according to reports from my parents and the chief pediatrician intrusive and sometimes painful examinations and treatments were used in order to determine, whether or not I might suffer from an infection of the spinal or cerebral fluids. By way of this technique I was also able to recall imagery of the weekly visits of my caretakers, which happened in a way that didn’t allow for physical contact. I have also beyond any doubt retrieved the associated feelings of being left behind and at the disposal of what I experienced as malicious practices and personnel. (A period of intense rage as a late response followed the retrieval of this particular stage of my emotional being).

The below linked article suggests that active thought might take place in infants as early as two months old. I conclude from this preliminary finding that next to thought memory must be supported as well. I have not looked for scientific data backing this conclusion yet, but I tentatively suggest that active thought incorporates all the properties of active memories in order to be distinguishable from mere instinct, intuition or other subconscious processes. It’s a bit of a stretch to make at this point, I admit to that. However, from applying above technique of submitting myself to mild trances and travelling along the path of feelings I have bottled up forever, I am not entirely surprised to come across a scientific finding that suggests active thought to ‘happen’ in babies of no more than two months of age.

First Signs of Consciousness – Waking Times : Waking Times.


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