The full epic of Ed Gavagan

I’m happy to find that after having moved beyond some hot buttons getting pushed in me upon first view and listen, I am now deeply moved, impressed and inspired by Ed’s example. If there was one person on the entire planet, whom I’d credit for exactly knowing what they say when they do, it’d be him, I guess. Props to Ed, big time so. And some to Catherine Burns for finding a way of distilling the essence of this story and making it into a stage-compatible storytelling piece that must speak to everyone with even just half a heart. Whewee….

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Today’s talk is about surviving a brutal attack, and the extraordinary skill of the surgeons who saved Ed Gavagan’s life. It’s a remarkable story, but there is much more to it. Ed originally told part of the story at The Moth, a wonderful group devoted to true stories, told live on stage. In many ways The Moth is similar to TED — at TED people get on stage to talk about their ideas, at The Moth they’re invited on stage to share a true, personal story from their lives.

Ed’s story has been legendary at The Moth. For years he worked with the artistic team to develop the story, and has told it in several pieces which add up the whole picture (watch the video embedded below). Below, we asked The Moth’s artistic director, Catherine Burns, to tell us about working with Ed, and how knowing him has enabled unexpected…

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