In Response to You, My Readers: Questions and Answers Regarding Complex PTSD

I found some good suggestions in this brief Q&A section of a similarly affected person. Apparently, complex PTSD is something more people than I would have thought are dealing with. As debilitating as it can get, it’s also interesting to do the research in trying to heal and/or scout help to do the healing with.

Complex PTSD: Recovery and Beyond

When I looked through the search terms that have brought you to my site this week, I found some terms that have given me pause.  I would like to respond to some of these search terms—

·    How long does therapy take for Complex PTSD?

I am assuming that the person who searched for the answer to this question was trying to find out how long it takes to heal Complex PTSD.  The answer to this question is that the healing period varies.  I know this is not the reply the person wanted, most likely.  And I would like to reply by saying that the healing period takes two years or three years or four years, but I can’t realistically or honestly do that.

From what I have learned and based upon my own experience, healing PTSD can take place over an entire lifetime, to one degree or another.  Now…

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