R.I.P., Aunt Carol

What a fine day! Almost as if my Aunt’s passed on spirit had conjured up a superfine spring or almost summer day. Blue skies, trees and flowers in full bloom, no cloud in the clear bright skies, people flocking to street cafés, beergardens and public places. She loved flowers to a degree that speaks of her appreciation for life and the miracle it is. So instead of earth, we filled the tomb with layers of petals in vibrant colors, orange, red, pink, white, yellow.

She had carried her final years with flying colors despite her composure getting tested to an extent I can only describe as brutal and what I would have likely experienced as mind and heart shattering. So bravely had she been holding her ground that it earned her her lifelong general practitioner’s testimonial of saying, he can’t remember another patient having endured her manifold and brutal illnesses with such composure and grace.

A funeral service is mostly for the bereaved, I think. And we made the most of this opportunity to come together as a family and say our farewells to her, give hugs, comfort, support. There may be funeral parties higher in number, but the ones who were there were the ones whom she had touched and whom had shared her journey with until the very end. Her siblings held hands when walking to the tomb. That was the moment that tested me…

I’m so glad she was given the opportunity to go with dignity. What would have been ahead of her would have robbed her of said dignity. And it couldn’t have been finer a day to send her off. A day worthy of her life’s work and the heritage she left for us. Rest in peace, Aunt Carol. I will miss you.


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