You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy: Tessa Schlesinger: Kindle Store

You Can Heal Your Life Using Dream Therapy: Tessa Schlesinger: Kindle Store.

Wow. I’m not exactly a fast reader. But I’ve downloaded this eBook earlier today and started reading it later tonight and finished it! Ms. Schlesinger presents a self healing approach she has successfully applied to her own life using dreams as powerful messages sent from the unconscious mind representing the problem one is struggling with on an emotional level. While critics are likely to dismiss her reports and outcomes as lacking scientific evidence, neuroscientific as well as latest psychological evidence and backing can be found and linked to every part of her self-taught approach. As a matter of fact, a well known and proven method for healing PTSD, namely EMDR, originated from a similar, initially empirical observation and the originator of that therapy evolved her findings in steps and stages much like Schlesinger.

I have not tried this yet, but am highly compelled to give it a shot to rid myself of the last remaining bits and pieces of comorbidities brought about by underlying (C-) PTSD. Like Schlesinger and other similarly affected individuals, we haven’t found much relief from the professional world so far, which left us at being our own doctors. But I think that’s not a negative, quite on the contrary. If you have suffered great emotional injuries through other people, trust issues are a given. The only person left to trust in this case is – yourself! (It’s also an empowering realization and hands you back all the power others may have tried to take from you before…) But of course, it’s imperative to dig through the muck of previous conditioning. Schlesinger offers a beautiful – and quick! – way of doing so by employing one of the many powerful tools every human being was equipped with from the beginning: Our imaginative mind! And she delivers proof of concept on that.

I can highly recommend this ebook. (Read this review on Amazon)

P.S. As I have completed the entire book only a short while after downloading it, reading Tessa’s account immediately made me aware of what has been holding me back recently. It’s that exact same conditioning of not deserving joy or happiness or ease of mind. So that will be my angle: To rid myself from that guilt and toxic shame I have subscribed to and lugged around, when I never needed to subscribe to it in the first place.


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