Interesting how I come across this now. I can instantly relate to some of that pain during the inactive phase that I’m still in due to resisting it as I just learnt. Goswami might call this alternation a rhythm of BE’ing and DO’ing. DO-BE-DO-BE-DO, haha! 😀

Gigi's Heart

A huge part of manifesting the life we want is knowing when to take action and when to let go and let your higher-self take action. This can be a long learning process as we are generally taught to value the physical reality around us and de-value the energetic realities that lay just beyond our physical senses. This can be seen manifested in our reality through out the centuries as the higher value placed on the masculine expression points than the feminine expression points (P.S. this phase is/was necessary).  The problem with that polarized mind-set is that many creations will never be grounded into your reality. Many people end up living out only a fraction of their potential. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but, it’s true. Living your best life is about knowing when to take physical action steps and when to let go and shift into…

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