Public vs. (Semi-) Private Blogging

Ok, this struck me as weird. A blog called “On the Wire” reblogged my current entry. While getting reblogged can be flattering, I myself usually make it a point to ask the blogger first, if they provide a way of getting in touch with them directly. The only time I do not ask a prior express permission is when the nature of the blog is apparently meant for the general public or a special interest group and the blogger makes their money otherwise. In other words: If a certain degree of publicity can be safely inferred from the content, I go ahead and take the liberty to reblog.
However, I would have assumed that the content provided here is relevant to only very few people. People, who can relate or have experienced things similar to those I talk about on here. “On the Wire” clearly don’t fall into that category.

Hence, I am left to assume they are a blog “aggregator”, but a rather random one, whose goal seems to be to get as many visits and clicks as possible in order to make money with ads. I tried to find a mission statement or other way to get in touch with them, but to no avail. (which – seems to confirm my assumption). So I asked them to take my posting down. While I’m aware that my posts are public, I think I counted on the limited attention they might get due to the nature of their content. But to find my latest posting rather randomly syndicated gives me a slightly queasy feeling.

I’m going to watch those guys. If this continues, I’m afraid I have to secure future posts with a password, which my subscribers then need to request from me. To make things as easy as possible, I’d initially try to get by with the same password for every new entry, so you’d have to request this only once. I’m sorry for any potential inconvenience, but I guess I never really expected for anything like this to happen. What’s your experiences, if any with random “stealing”?


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