Living with a Chronic Disease – YouTube

Living with a Chronic Disease – YouTube. (mildly graphic language warning)

Wow! Thanks so much to my new G+ friend Lisa, who found and shared this video. After viewing it, my comment would be that I’ve had to figure it all out for myself, which was kind of hard and solitary at times (the solitude still persists, at least at times and in places). I commend Hank for being this courageous and candid about it, all the more so as many viewers’ response will most likely be one of embarrassment. It speaks volumes of his progress as a person to have made this video. Myself, I had thought I’d suffer from chronic IBS as some visceral responses presented my own ailments in this way. However, from much personal analyzing, reading up, consulting with doctors, circIing in on and singling out – or finding – other contributing aspects, I now know that I am often experiencing the outcomes of an early onset of complex post-traumatic stress disorder. C-PTSD manifests itsself viscerally at large. In other words: There is not a disease of the bowel tract per se – albeit I do have a few challenges there, e.g. my being allergic to wheat, any kind of dairy plus soy and vinegar seeds, gluten and a few other food ingredients-, but a perfectly normal visceral response to anxiety and panic, which gets triggered from many day-to-day situations that remind my body of early traumatic events. And yes – it’s a condition that manifests itsself physically (and with additional responses than just visceral, e.g. sweating, hyperventilation etc). The ICD classification as a personality or mental disorder is being under debate in the scientific community as of now. As a matter of fact, from talking to similarly affected people I am now pretty firmly convinced, you can’t place it anywhere close to a personality disorder. If anything, it’s an attachment disorder aggravated by an anxiety disorder and social phobias, both of which I see as subsequently acquired comorbidities, if the primary condition goes untreated (which it must as far as formal therapy is concerned, as they haven’t really figured out yet, what the mediating processes on the neuro-biological level are and as standard-type therapies aren’t really tailored to the incredible complexity of this condition. Research is just beginning to circle in on it and identify the causing and/or contributing events and aspects). In other words: For now, people like me suffering from c-ptsd and the host of possible or acute comorbidities including self-medicating attempts via alcohol and/or medical marijuana or other drugs and reliefs of choice are left to think of this as their “other normal” as Hank so eloquently puts it.

I’m glad that I now know my body and its responses a lot better than earlier in life and that I have control over my lower tract. All the more reason to commend Hank on making and sharing this video! I cannot applaud him enough for his candor and courage to talk about this!


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