Kimberly shares her findings about the interdependency of chemicals used in processed foods and how they affect our body and mind. And how they do or don’t trigger PTSD symptoms. Awesome!

Stoning Demons

Many years ago, during my management consulting days, I worked with several food manufacturers.  It was a high point of my career, giving me the opportunity to travel and providing the mental challenge of analyzing a vital and complex industry.  Fascinating stuff: just in time supply chains, seasonal peaks, trade secrets, risk.  Touring chocolate factories, bottling plants, cereal production was a regular part of my job, reviewing and advising on operational risk and continuity. I loved the work.

As I became increasingly interested in sustainability, the environmental and social aspects of the industry became a part of my research.  It is no small circumstance that my own health was failing in the same space of time.

These two parts of my life would come together in a realization that, in part, led me to end my career as a consultant.

My research on both fronts met at a disturbing point…

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