Childhood trauma leaves its mark on the DNA of some victims

Found the interesting results of a recently conducted study at Max-Planck-Institute, Munich. My underlying feeling that exposure to early-on trauma along with childhood abuse will leave a permanent mark on the survivor is now scientifically proven:

Childhood trauma leaves its mark on the DNA of some victims.

update: The above link unfortunately doesn’t work any longer. I found a different article referencing the above original study, which for reasons unknown to me, is no longer available at the institute’s website (I wasn’t able to find a duplicate of it elsewhere, either). For what it’s worth, here is the referecing article:


One thought on “Childhood trauma leaves its mark on the DNA of some victims

  1. Reblogged this on Late.Shift and commented:

    I dug this one up once more today after finding that the link to the original study had become broken. I must say, it’s a pretty devastating realization to be confronted with the fact, that I – and some of my fellow bloggers and readers – suffer from an incurable, yet invisible and still little understood disease. I had done everything in my power to avoid arriving at this conclusion, but fact is fact, whether I like it or not…

    In my previous years and decades, I have been withstanding and managing all this as best as I could and for as long as possible, by e.g. channeling energies of fear or anxiety into ACTIVITY – until my body simply stopped supporting this concept and rendered me disabled from the constant overflow of stress hormones IN ADDITION to the regular stresses we all know and face day in, day out. Here’s to my fellow soujourners, who have been bravely enduring and battling a rather brutal, debilitating condition, which at present presents itsself as irreversible. This is my way of helping to educate and advocate in hopes of creating some more awareness among the general public. Having to wake up to a world filled with terror and fear and finding the built-in stress regulation system not respond in healthy ways due too early and too intense exposure to perceived lethal threats is an agony beyond words.
    To all of you, who don’t have to deal with this: You may not be aware how lucky you all are, even if you are presented with challenges of other kinds. PTSD and CPTSD are conditions that have your brain chemistry AND your body work against your well-being in inivisble, but horrifically “efficient” ways. Today, I say that causing trauma in a person is worse than killing them right on the spot, because what it does is inflict perpetual torture on them. Try to keep that in mind next time you see a vet in the streets or hear of someone being diagnosed with PTSD. Thanks. (My timing is off, PTSD awareness month isn’t until June… sorry ’bout that)

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