Encounter in the Summer Rain

couple in rain

Ran into the girl of one of my nice, previous neighbours on my walk in the rain today (which was funny in itsself, as the rain was somehow steady, temperatures had dropped and there was barely anyone out there at all). Like me she was walking in the rain, (not like me) linking arms with her boyfriend, both seeking shelter from the steady summer rain under some large umbrella. We had a nice chat right there at the lake and at my usual resting/contemplating spot. I’ve often seen her and her older brother play some ball or Frisbee in front of my (previous) porch. I also sometimes got to have a chat over a cup of coffee with her parents, too. Very nice, easy going folks, whom I’ve always liked from the minute we introduced ourselves to each other. I asked her to give them my regards. And as we split and all go our separate ways, a funny, sort of blueish/melancholic/bittersweet thought settled in on my mind: Of the life I missed (due to a number of “good” reasons), a girl exactly like her should and might have been my first love in life at the appropriate time, if I had made choices that had been better connected with my true self. Maybe I’ll make that into a song one day, when I’m in a better position to write again. (oh, b.t.w.: No weird associations of any kind were mixed in. Just sayin’). I guess, I’m talking about missed opportunities from having been preoccupied with… oh well… that’s for another time. 😉


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