Snowfall ApproachingI’m borrowing a term my landlord at the Bed & Breakfast in Vancouver once used when referring to one of her appartments. I find it appropriate in this situation: We’ve had precursors of snowfall over the past few weeks and days. Especially yesterday, I could smell the scent of snow in the brisk air coming down from the mountains. I could even see snowcovered mountain peaks through my tele lens.

Snowfall started last night, and continued this morning until now at temperatures around 0 Celsius. When looking through the window to the terrace and garden, the view doesn’t exactly entice me to go outdoors all that much. I feel like snuggling up inside in my bathrobe over a cup of tee and some chill-out music in the background, while working on stuff. Maybe this is a good time to do the much dreaded system upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 and backing up and cleaning out my user directory…

On a different note, the silence outside brought about by the muting quality of snow seems to be a mirror to how I feel inside: There’s been quite some emotional turmoil going on over the past weeks, bearing consequences that make me feel as if I was back to square one in regard to my life. I know, I’m not, but it feels like that. More so, as I find myself wondering again, how I’ll manage to cope with requirements associated with supporting myself, financially more than anything. The writing assignments are coming, but I don’t get the feeling as if they were a reliable and sufficient source of income and I hope I won’t be forced to take on a job in addition to the writing just to cover basic needs.

Hiding doesn’t solve anything, I’m aware of that, but at this time of the year, that’s exactly what I’d like to do: Just hide inside and peek at the world through my computer screen and the living room windows. Have I mentioned, I’m not a winter person any more? Doh…


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